About Us

Too many electronic medical records software vendors have given long term and post acute care (LTPAC) providers the short shrift.  But not LINTECH.

LINTECH has always dedicated itself to placing the needs of our clients where they should be – ahead of everything else, unlike other EMR software vendors.



long term and post acute care (LTPAC) 

providers needed LTPAC software solutions that are both powerful yet eminently accessible and usable to every staff member, we created the COMET Resident Information & Census (ADT) Suite, the COMET Resident/Patient Accounts Suite, the COMET EMR/Clinical Suite and the COMET Financial & Administrative Services Suite. Over the years, these suites became recognized as the ones that helped many LTPAC providers make the transition from outdated, labor-intensive and redundant systems offered by other EMR software companies to sophisticated software solutions that make life easier for providers and residents/patients alike.


And today LINTECH continues to make history in LTPAC software solutions by constantly refining, innovating, listening and – most importantly – never forgetting that our clients’ needs are the reason we’re here.


We’re your partner.
Not just in words, but in action.


While our name was established because of the profound impact our COMET suites of

LTPAC software solutions 

had upon modernizing how long-term and post-acute care providers could better manage every area of their operations, another LINTECH feature cemented our reputation of placing our clients’ needs first: our pioneering partnership role.


And nothing exemplifies how we partner with our clients better than our unparalleled customer support.  From the moment you become our partner, we’ll decipher your problem areas, needs and issues.  And, like a true partner, we then work to make recommendations, structure customized solutions, and then establish an on-going program of active support to make sure you’re reaping the greatest benefits of our LTPAC software solutions .


More work for us? Certainly.  But we didn’t become LINTECH by giving our clients anything less that everything they deserve.