Our management team is precisely that: A team. One that works together – and with each client – to deliver
uncompromising professionalism.

Few software development and support companies have LINTECH’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the long-term and specialty healthcare industry. In total, our team of professionals brings many decades of experience in developing high-tech management and business development software solutions specifically to long-term and specialty healthcare providers. It’s what we’ve always done, it’s where our commitment remains, and it’s why we’re able to anticipate the software solutions you’re going to need in the future.


Today, the LINTECH management team is as focused as we were the day we were founded on creating and implementing the most advanced, usable, intuitive and effective software solutions for long-term and specialty healthcare providers. We also will continue with our never-ending quest to remain at the forefront of the applications necessary for long-term and specialty healthcare by employing cutting-edge technologies. We are rightfully proud of our achievements, but know that the only way to assure they continue is to instill in every current and new LINTECH professional the same ethics and values that has made us one of the premier providers of integrated software information systems to the long-term and specialty healthcare industry.


LINTECH’s Management Team:


Doron Gutkind, Chief Software Architect

Doron is widely considered to be a leading expert in the area of software for long-term and specialty healthcare. He focuses on determining the best ways to streamline and improve clients’ business processes while taking advantage of LINTECH’s software solutions to the fullest extent. He has conceived numerous trend-setting and cost-saving features and functions for the long-term healthcare software industry. Doron communicates high-level software requirements to the R&D team, based on user and industry needs and directions. He has been developing and implementing information technology for over 20 years in the acute, diagnostic and long-term healthcare industries.


Susan Nachinson, Vice President of Client Relations

Susan is responsible for maintaining good relations and building partnerships with LINTECH’s client base. She leads LINTECH’s Customer Support and Quality Assurance teams with client relations in mind, in line with LINTECH’s perception of putting the clients at the center and promoting partnership relations with them. Susan comes to LINTECH with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical information technology industries. She possesses a varied background in the areas of Customer Support, Software Quality Assurance and Project Management. Susan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Mary Washington College (Fredericksburg, VA).