LINTECH offers three unique suites of COMET software.  Just as important, our company is based on three unique sets of values: Partnership with our clients.  Professionalism in everything we do.  And a People-Come-First attitude.


The fact is, we could not have created COMET – one of the most respected LTPAC software solutions – if we as a Company were not founded on the principles of partnership, professionalism and people.


Others might want you to become their client. 

We prefer that you become our partner.

Since the beginning, we've gauged our success not simply on how many clients are using the COMET LTPAC software solutions, but on how we can best become their partners in helping them achieve their greater successes.

Much like a sports team that is comprised of individuals working for the whole, we team up with our clients to deliver them winning software solutions and customer support that's solidly on their side.



It's not just that our software is different and better.

Our professionalism is different and better, too.

It's impossible for us to separate our innovative COMET LTPAC software solutions from our absolute commitment to professionalism. We could not have developed a standard-setting software like COMET or supply the incomparable support without the total dedication, intense efforts and, we believe, brilliant solutions that LINTECH professionals display day in and day out. So, our professionalism not only bred the development of COMET, but it also sustains COMET's continued evolution as the finest LTPAC software solutions on the market today – and tomorrow.



Yes, we're a high-tech company, but one that's people-focused.

So we place the personal above the technological.

Many in the LTPAC sector have first-hand knowledge of how the COMET Suites of LTPAC software solutions – separately and together – optimizes a facility's workflow, how it virtually eliminates redundant tasks, and how it supports the administration of superior patient care for a single-site facility or a company with dozens of sites.

And our clients also have first-hand knowledge of what a people-oriented company we are.  For as much as we've grown over the years, our relationship with each client is personal, from the outset of customizing COMET for the client's specific needs to our on-going – and very personal – support services.  This may make LINTECH one of the most advanced high-tech companies that prefers making eye-contact with our clients over viewing the world through the impersonal computer screen.