Our view of tomorrow directs everything we're doing today. We truly believe that information technology is the key integrator for a new vision for long-term and post-acute care.


LINTECH is able to offer the finest integrated LTPAC software solutions available today because we've always focused on the future – seeking to learn what your needs are going to be in five, ten, even fifteen years from now, and working to find solutions for those needs.


From how the onslaught of boomers will impact long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC), to the ever-escalating problem of attracting and retaining qualified staff, to any of the myriad challenges and opportunities that will surely appear on the landscape of LTPAC, one thing is certain: LINTECH will be there to help LTPAC providers increase their efficiencies and effectiveness across the continuum of services.


We can say that with confidence, because our LTPAC software solutions have always continually evolved to give each individual client the tools to gather and digest vast data and to better manage the streams of information – all designed to give them the ability to make the most informed and intelligent decisions for their facilities, now and in the future. No matter what that future holds.