CAST LeadingAge Case Study Findings


LINTECH’s COMET™ Point-of-Care application was recently the subject of a CAST case study provided by Monroe Community Hospital at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting. The case study, Upgrading an Existing EHR (Electronic Health Record), provided answers to questions about implantation, use and impacts of EHRs in regards to long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers.

One of the outcomes of the case study showed that COMET helped save valuable employee time. There was an improvement in workflow specifically for certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Previous paper documentation is usually completed in the last hour of a CNA’s shift. Now this time has been given back to direct resident care. The accuracy of the documentation has improved because observations and treatments are recorded immediately after they are completed, rather than at the end of a shift. They are also not influenced by what has already been documented.

Check back for other outcomes from the LeadingAge CAST case study.