COMET MDS Software Solution eliminates billing errors


A recent article from Long-Term Living claims that 25% of skilled nursing facility claims in 2009 contained errors, resulting in a $1.5 billion loss from “inappropriate Medicare payments.” The good news is that with COMET's MDS 3.0 Application, issues like this won't occur. 
LINTECH designed this application not only to save you time but also to eradicate errors – all by having the maximum amount of information from other applications flow into our MDS Software Solution. The errors that cause incorrect Medicare payments simply cannot happen with LINTECH, because any data entered into our COMET MDS Application flows automatically into the appropriate fields, including the applicable fields in our billing application. There is absolutely no human intervention in the process, so we do not have the issue with errors this article refers to.
Here are some of the benefits to our MDS Software Solution:
  • Assessment Scheduler schedules and tracks due dates for assessment completion
  •  Defaults demographic, census, Point-of-Care (Touchscreen), rehab, orders, assessments,  infections, wound and other information from the EMR – no need to re-enter
  •  Automatically calculates RUG III, RUG IV and Care Area Triggers
  •  Automatically updates RUG IV information in the billing system


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