COMET Point-of-Care (Touchscreen) Application

Technology is on a never-ending journey as new devices, tools and applications are created to provide better alternatives for people everywhere. Long-term care for nursing home residents requires documenting information in order for nurses and staff to provide the residents with accurate care. Compared to the traditional usage of papers to track data, LINTECH launched the new COMET Point-of-Care (Touchscreen) application, which provides a faster and more organized data entry system, benefiting both residents and staff.

With this application, staff can spend less time entering data and more time concentrating on nursing home residents. In addition, the application saves in costs and workflow. The Point-of-Care application greatly reduces the likelihood of data entry errors from occurring.

The Point-of-Care application uses a picture icon for each of the nursing home’s residents, which makes it easier for nurses and staff members to verify that they are entering data on the correct electronic file. Even for those who are far from being technology savvy, the Point-of-Care application is extremely user friendly. Anyone who is using an ATM machine can use this application.

With LTC software benefiting nursing home residents and staff already, the Point-of-Care (Touchscreen) application is the perfect addition.