EMR + Improved Business + Quality Care = Improved Outcomes in 2014

Recently, Long Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) providers reported in Long-Term Living’s annual readership survey that 2013 has been the year of why technology matters to business AND the delivery of quality care.  56% of respondents reported they already use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution and an additional 27% are planning for installation in the next year.

(Source: Long-Term Living, September 2013)


Unfortunately, almost half of respondents still report issues with staff resistance and connectivity pertaining to their technology implementation initiative, underscoring the need to have a solution that is highly configurable and flexible to meet clinical AND business needs.

If your organization is currently evaluating an EMR software solution, now is the time to partner with a vendor that has an integrated and comprehensive solution. The right solution should help to raise your staff's quality of care and productivity while lowering your facility's operating costs and errors.  LINTECH’s COMET™ is definitely such a solution.

Get the Best Value for Your Health Information Technology (HIT) Needs
The key is having a fully-integrated solution with applications that are truly flexible and configurable to meet the growing clinical, financial and regulatory demands for LTPAC providers.

LINTECH’s COMET™ offers a fully-integrated system which not only gathers data and presents it to you like many other LTPAC HIT systems, but actually turns dispersed data items into cohesive and meaningful information allowing for analysis, conclusions and decisions, and, in many cases, transforms into actionable items which already activate necessary processes.  LINTECH’s COMET™ fully-integrated system is comprised of the following software suites:

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