LINTECH is your LTPAC Software Solution


Because we are fully committed to providing long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) organizations with the best value for their IT needs, through integrated and comprehensive software-based solutions and related services that will allow them to provide better quality-of-care in a cost-effective manner.
We achieve this by true breadth and depth of our robust applications, which are truly flexible and configurable so they can adeptly respond to your specific needs, all enhanced by true partnership through our superb support and excellent customer service.
LINTECH COMET™ combines four comprehensive suites, which work together to deliver a complete information management system for LTPAC.
Resident Information & Census (ADT) Suiteallows you to gather advanced and detailed information your residents, while making sure that room and board charges flow to the billing system.
COMET™ Resident/Patient Accounts Suite – the most efficient, effective and powerful LTPAC software tool for your facility's revenue cycle management.
COMET™ EMR/Clinical Suite your facility's totally electronic LTPAC solution for every aspect of charting and documenting patient care: tracking assessing, planning, retrieving, reporting and, finally, managing the residents electronic medical record.
COMET™ Financial & Administrative Services Suite offers the most advanced, comprehensive yet easy-to-use LTPAC solution for managing your accounting and administering your business processes at each and every level.
Our COMET™ system not only gathers data and presents it to you like many other LTPAC HIT systems, but it actually turns dispersed data items into cohesive and meaningful information allowing for analysis, conclusions and decisions, and – in many cases – transforms into actionable items which already activate necessary processes.
Oh, and did we already say that LINTECH offers the best value for your IT needs? We have no problem saying it again – because that’s a fact.