LINTECH Successfully Passes National ICD-10 Test Week

The October 1st ICD-10 transition deadline is approaching and is required for everyone covered under HIPAA. The transition to ICD-10 will change the code set from its current 13,000 to a much larger 68,000. Incorrect codes may lead to charting and billing issues, or bigger problems.


LINTECH is getting ready to provide its clients a smooth and seamless transition, just like we performed with the transition from MDS 2.0 to MDS 3.0.  As part of these preparations, LINTECH participated in the first National ICD-10 Test Week last week and successfully tested claims with ICD-10 codes.  LINTECH continues to work diligently to make the switch to ICD-10 by having the new ICD-10 codes readily available and easily accessible in the system.


For LINTECH’s current and future COMET clients, LINTECH is preparing to make the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition easy and painless. We are not simply your software solutions provider – we are also your partner, ready to offer our assistance with such matters.


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