LTPAC Providers: Easily Track your Resident Information


One of the many benefits to partnering up with LINTECH is having a robust suite of information about your residents.
LINTECH’s COMET™ Resident Information & Census (ADT) Suite collects and tracks critical information about your residents:
Pre-admission: Our module enables you to gather information on a resident before they are admitted to your facility. This advanced information allows you to pre-assign a room or prepare for arrival ahead of time.
Resident information: Increase your quality of patient care by treating each resident as their own person rather than just another number. You can gather and store demographic, biographic, social, financial, clinical information on each patient and even track personal items, like which residents like to read and how that person prefers their cereal.
Census: Access real-time information about residents and transfer room and board charges to the billing system. This saves your staff a lot of work and can even avoid unnecessary expenses.
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