Mitigate Sequestration Cuts with Technology

As you are aware, the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 will go into effect on April 1st and includes a 2% reduction to Medicare reimbursements

As LTPAC providers struggle to absorb further reductions in Medicare funding,finding alternative ways to lower cost while continuing to deliver quality care will be vital. Technology plays an important role in ensuring cost efficiencies and the delivery of quality care. EMR technology solutions for LTPAC provide the opportunity to increase quality of care and productivity while decreasing a facility’s operating costs and reporting errors. Fully integrated EMR solutions make it possible for facilities to streamline business processes and care delivery in a cost effective way and potentially mitigate any negative impact from further Medicare cuts.

LINTECH is here to assist LTPAC providers and ensure they are operating most efficiently. LINTECH’s COMETTM software solution is designed to benefit virtually every aspect of a facility, allowing applications to share, analyze and continually update data from department to department. The Resident/Patient Accounts Suite can help improve your facility's cash flow while allowing your staff to be more productive. The COMET billing application streamlines the billing processes and helps maximize reimbursements. The application is so advanced it runs automatically, greatly improving the accuracy of claims by eliminating the need for human intervention. Users also enjoy full audit trails for every transaction as well as detailed claim information. The ancillary charge application integrates with the clinical modules and creates charges automatically based on clinician documentation that a service has been provided. This allows for greater quality care while keeping cost low. To read more about how your facility can benefit from a fully automated LTPAC solution, visit or schedule a demo.