Reach the End of the HIT Roadmap with LINTECH


Navigating Health Information Technology (HIT) has become increasingly important for companies in the LTPAC sector since last year’s release of the “Roadmap for Health IT in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC)” identifying five areas providers should focus on.
The five priority areas for 2012-2014 included:
1.     Care Coordination
2.     Quality
3.     Business Imperative
4.     Consumer-Centered
5.     Workforce Acceleration
Aside from the release of the roadmap, Medicare requirements have also pushed organizations to focus on similar important areas. Leveraging technology to accomplish higher quality care, underscore accountability and deliver overall efficiency is of utmost importance.
According to an article by LTPAC HIT, the next step after publication of the 2012-2014 roadmap was to, “Invest in emerging technologies, business models and workforce skill sets that support significant improvements in workflow automation, decision support, HIE, user productivity and consumer engagement.”
If your organization hasn’t already, now is the time to invest in a LTPAC partner and LINTECH is prepared to assist you. LINTECH’s COMET™ fully-integrated software solutions improves care coordination and qualityby providing a complete suite of information detailing patient profiles with accurate, updated data. Billing and audit trails are driven by the system creating a robust set of reporting data and tools to monitor the overall business model, meeting the business imperativefocus. With LINTECH’s COMET, a consumer-centeredorganization is achievable. Our system streamlines the business process, freeing staff and allowing more time for customer interaction. Ultimately, workforce acceleration exists upon implementation of LINTECH’s COMET through our new, innovative, LTPAC technology, which works to improve overall business processes.