Business Process Discovery

The more we learn about you through our Business Process Discovery, the more COMET can help you.

businessDiscoveryNobody knows your business better than you do. And nobody knows how COMET can help your business better than we do. So it makes eminent sense that the very first thing we do is get together with you at your facility for a complete immersion in how your facility operates.


LINTECH is the only major supplier of information technology software solutions for the long-term and specialty healthcare industry that delves so deeply into a client’s business process. Why do we make this extra effort right from the beginning? Because we see ourselves as your partner, so we want the same thing you want: the ideal customized software working for your business.


To demonstrate to our customers how our services have helped others, we’ve provided client testimonials. Feel free to contact us for more information or to better understand how our solutions can benefit you.