Our one-of-a-kind consulting services were honed by dozens of years spent working in the long-term and specialty healthcare industry.

businessOur vast, unmatched expertise of the long-term and specialty healthcare industry didn't occur overnight. In fact, our staff has spent many dozens of years working in and with the long-term and specialty care industry. Few other software solutions providers have this level of intimate, first-hand knowledge of what it is that you do day in and day out.


The result of all this is experience and insight is clear: not only do we know how to do it right, but we also know how you should do it right. Our in-depth understanding of long-term and specialty healthcare gives us the unique ability to identify problems you might not readily observe – for example, is your AR up to speed? And, just as important, we can recommend the most viable, appropriate solutions.


It's not surprising, then, that in the long-term and specialty healthcare profession, LINTECH is rightfully considered the professional's professional.