Because our Project Manager works directly with your Project Manager, the road to COMET implementation has far fewer bumps, surprises, detours or delays.

people_computerImplementation is another critical area where LINTECH's dedication to the needs of our client partners separates us from the rest.


Long before your customized COMET integrated software solutions are fully implemented, a LINTECH Project Manager is assigned to your account. But our Project Manager won't be alone, because we require that you designate a member of your staff to be the Project Manager representing your company.


These two Project Managers work in tandem to jointly draft your custom COMET Implementation Plan, one based on your company's specific needs, concerns and situation. Which means the implementation of COMET will proceed as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. No wonder our having dual Project Managers is one of the single most appreciated aspects of turning to LINTECH for the best enterprise-wide LTPAC integrated software solutions.


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