LINTECH offers both Train-the-Trainer and Train-the-User programs. Either way turns your staff into proficient, confident and, best of all, satisfied users of COMET software.

staffWhat good is the best integrated information management software solution for long-term and specialty healthcare facilities if their staff can't use it correctly?


This is precisely why LINTECH offers one the most comprehensive, hands-on and productive training and support programs in the industry. Our intensive Train-the-Trainer program uses our proven training method and live data bolstered with real-life practice exercises to provide key facility employees with the full understanding of how to optimally utilize every feature of COMET software. But, just as important, our trainers imbue your trainers with the confidence they need to effectively train your staff.


Some client partners prefer the option of having LINTECH's trainers teach the facility's staff directly. Our Train-the-User program is customized for you, based in part on the knowledge gained of your facility's specific needs during our Business Development Process. All of which assures you that your staff will be adroit users of COMET in just a few short days. And will enjoy using COMET for years to come.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to better understand how our technology can benefit you.