EMR/Clinical Suite

With the COMET EMR/Clinical Suite, you’ll spend less money on overhead while your staff spends more time taking care of patients.


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Here, in one comprehensive yet easy-to-use

long term care EMR (electronic medical records)

suite, you have a completely automated

patient care

software solution (part of our comprehensive and fully-integrated LTPAC software system) including patient

charting software

and patient

documentation software.

From enterprise tracking and managing, to assessing and retrieving and reporting.

This means you’ll have accurate nursing home EMR data from the moment of the initial referral, all the way through treatment, to the time of discharge, and even follow-up. All totally automated, all to give your staff more time for patient care, and all to keep your costs down.

As you’ll see when you learn more about the entire COMET EMR/Clinical Suite, you and your staff will have the ability to become more empowered than ever before. And to provide better patient care than you ever imagined.