COMET Care Assessment Application

Here's how to define a major advance in assessment: The COMET Care Assessment Application lets you create totally user-defined assessments and forms for virtually every resident-specific need you have.

No matter what assessments or forms you have – clinical, financial or even process management – the COMET Care Assessment Application gives you the ability to create assessments and forms that are defined entirely by you for your specific needs and requirements.


So now you can create your own user-defined assessments and forms for any need: history and physical, to nursing and therapy, to absolutely anything. Imagine the time-savings and the error-eradicating benefits this major advance in assessments gives you and your staff.


What's more, because it's .Net-designed, you can define your questions and sub-questions, your sections and sub-sections any way that works best for your facility's very precise needs – and who knows those needs better than you and your staff? Plus, its HTML graphical interface makes it completely open, giving you complete flexibility.


Another reason facilities are moving to the COMET Care Assessment is because its iCOMET portability allows you to move it anywhere a laptop can go. Simply download your user-defined assessments and forms to a laptop, and go use the COMET Care Assessment anywhere you want, offline, even off the premises. Then once back, the results can be synched up to the system. No paperwork, no mistakes, and all in virtually no time at all.


The COMET Care Assessment Application – it's one more way LINTECH is helping you to move to a paperless, errorless world more easily and quickly than you thought possible.



  • Create assessments and forms defined entirely by you, the user.
  • Use for your Clinical, Financial and Process Management needs.
  • User defined integration with all other COMET Modules.
  • User defined notifications and print-outs.
  • Allows you to use it offsite, with iCOMET portability.
  • Can be fully synchronized to your system.
  • Brings your facility closer to becoming a paperless one.



  • .NET designer allows you to define your own questions any way you want in your assessments and forms, including creating questions and sub-questions, sections and sub-questions.
  • HTML GUI for complete openness.
  • All kinds of assessments can be user-defined: nursing, physical therapy, CMS 700 & 701, assisted living MDS/MMQ.