COMET Care Planning Application

The COMET Care Planning application takes care to make you, your clinicians and even your surveyors and auditors happy.

How can one single care planning application meet the needs of management, clinicians and auditors? To begin with, we designed the COMET Care Planning application to give your clinicians a very easy-to-use – just point and click – planning mechanism, one that can save them real time and effort.


Its library approach ensures consistency and promotes individualizing for each patient. Plus, the system is delivered with a pre-defined library of care plans, each of which can be customized by the facility. And it can be customized without the library being affected.


What's more, because problems may be automatically activated from triggered Care Area Assessments (CAAs) and diagnoses, potential problems are addressed before they become real problems. And all of these features, of course, make the work of surveyors and auditors much easier.



  • Library approach promotes consistency and saves time.
  • Individual resident care plans may be customized without affecting the library definitions.
  • Ability to link Problems, Descriptors, Outcomes and Interventions to Order Management to create standard protocols of care.
  • Care plans may be developed, reviewed and printed for a specific discipline or on an interdisciplinary basis.
  • Problems may be automatically activated from triggered Care Area Assessments (CAAs) and diagnoses, ensuring that potential problems are not overlooked.



  • Point-and-click care planning.
  • Pre-defined library of Problems, Descriptors, Outcomes and Interventions.
  • Library may be customized to the facility.
  • Automatic triggering of related orders.
  • Care plan notes are accommodated.
  • Integrated with scheduling to generate reminders for targets and review dates.
  • Complete history maintained online.


Reports and Queries

  • Care Plan by discipline
  • Problem Reports – by discipline, Care Area Assessments (CAAs) triggers, diagnoses
  • Worksheets, Status Reports, Change Audits and History
  • Flow Sheets for clinical staff
  • Library printouts