COMET Health Information Records Application

The handwriting is on the wall: Your facility can benefit greatly from creating electronic patient records using the COMET Health Information Records Application.

The COMET Health Information Records application plants you squarely in the 21st Century – and at the head of the line of those facilities who want to electronically compile efficient and thorough resident documentation from admission straight through to discharge and follow-up. Here, you'll have both codified sections and sections for recording free-form notes, plus the system's chart audits track missing or late documentation.


You'll also be able to define and perform your facility's own admission audits, discharge audits, JCAHO audit – in fact, all audits can be conducted electronically. And we have the feeling you won't miss all those lost pieces of paper, or handwriting that no one can read, or those endless sticky notes.


So chart your facility's future to the electronic patient record – thanks to the COMET Health Information Records application.



  • Be a step ahead of outside entities performing chart audits! Define and perform your own chart audits (admission audit, discharge audit, JCAHO audit, etc.).
  • Eliminate lost pieces of paper, "sticky notes" and undecipherable handwriting.
  • Know where the paper copies of the charts are at all times with the chart location function.
  • Automatically generates reminders and follow-up notices for missing and late documentation.
  • All information retained in a central location saves time! No need to search for and go to the paper chart to find a piece of information.



  • Administrative record – demographic and history information: biographical, clinical and psycho-social.
  • Incidents and Accidents – reporting, investigating, tracking, closure.
  • Progress Notes and Summaries
  • Discharge Summaries and Abstracts including patient/family instructions and education.
  • Infection Control – reporting, investigating, tracking treatment and closure.
  • Immunization and PPD History – facility may define specific immunizations for tracking beyond those required by the state.
  • Wound/Ulcer Assessments and Status
  • Vital Sign, Nutritional Status, Input/Output Charting with graphical representations.


Reports and Queries

  • Tracking Reports for Incident and Accidents, Immunizations and PPD, Wound/Ulcer Care and Infection Control
  • Reports of missing and late documentation
  • Infection Control trending and analysis