COMET MDS 3.0 Application

Because the COMET MDS 3.0 Application encompasses all MDS item sets and questions, it could be just the answer you've been looking for.

LINTECH designed this application not only to save you time but also to let you eradicate errors – all by having the maximum amount of information from other applications flow into our MDS software solution.


And because our MDS software solution it can both schedule the assessments to make sure that all are completed on a timely manner as well as perform edit checks to guarantee accuracy, days reimbursed at the default rate are eliminated. Which should make your day.


So, there's no question about it – the COMET MDS 3.0 Application is your solution.



  • Assessment Scheduler schedules and tracks due dates for assessment completion.
  • Defaults demographic, census, Point-of-Care (Touchscreen), rehab, orders, assessments, infections, wound and other information from the EMR – no need to re-enter!
  • Automatically calculates RUG III, RUG IV and Care Area Triggers (CATs).
  • Automatically updates RUG IV information in the billing system.



  • Answer most questions with "one click".
  • Performs edit checks as questions are answered.
  • Evaluates and enforces skips as questions are answered.
  • Review previous answers to any question online.
  • Ability to define sections and questions by discipline.
  • Tracks identity of all persons entering assessment data and the questions answered.
  • Trigger Legend for viewing CATs.
  • Electronic submission with paperless record keeping.


Reports and Queries

  • Scheduling Reports – residents due for assessment for all items sets
  • Scheduling calendar and query
  • Assessment Reports – audits (input, change and actions), assessments and section status, section content, submission and billing reports, MDS forms
  • RUGS and billing query of assessment and submission status and billing data