COMET Medications Management Application

Now the best-run pharmacy a facility could have can be the one right in your facility.

With the COMET Medications Management Application, your facility will gain total control over virtually every aspect of your pharmacy. This interactive tool enables you to simply, effectively and securely manage all medication transactions at both the resident and the facility level.


You'll have complete control of sensitive drugs, including detailed follow-up on location and use. And the automatic re-order notification means necessary meds will always be on the shelves.


With the COMET Medications Management Application, your pharmacy will also have a full drug library with NDL codes, generics, dosing, patient education monographs – in short, everything you need to have the best-managed pharmacy that you and your residents deserve. This is the one of the vast array of COMET LTPAC software solutions at your disposal.



  • Ensure facility control of sensitive drugs – detailed follow-up on location and use.
  • Never run out of necessary meds – automatic re-order notification when inventory falls below facility defined levels.
  • Prevent medication errors with complete interaction and cautionary instructions.
  • Alerts and reminders of orders about to expire and due for renewal.
  • Get automatic notification of lab and nursing orders required with specific medications.
  • Don't keep expired medications in your inventory – receive automatic alerts of drugs about to expire.



  • Control of departmental dispensing and/or daily/unit dose.
  • Prescription and resident labels.
  • Calculates required dosage based on age, weight and special conditions.
  • Onscreen alerts to warn of allergies and interactions.
  • Medication inventory control.
  • Detailed pharmacopoeia available for online consultation.


Reports and Queries

  • TAR with pre-filled x-outs for clarity of dispensing instructions
  • Drug Master Catalogue
  • Pick Lists
  • Inventory Control Listings (statistical and financial)
  • Resident Drug Profiles and History
  • Work Load Lists
  • Inventory Reports
  • Usage/Consumption Reports for all drugs, including special section for controlled substances
  • Price List by Vendor