COMET Order Management Application

The absolute end of charge posting for all scheduled services, the end of super-bills and encounter bills, and the end of coding errors – all begin with the COMET Order Management application.

Here's your best LTPAC software solution to end virtually any and all order management problem. With the COMET Order Management application for nursing home eMAR, all your clinicals will drive your financials, which is the way it should be.


Imagine the difference using a nursing home eMAR will make: When services are ordered and scheduled, a service provision is recorded while charges for services are generated. So not only does the COMET Order Management application save time for both clinicians and those in finance, but it also guarantees the accuracy of charge coding. The result: better cash flow (three words we know you like to hear).


And with the COMET Order Management application, what clinicians don't know won't hurt them – that's because there's no need to know HCPCS or CPT codes. What's more, they're freed up to do what they do best, which is delivering superior service to your patients or residents.



  • Eliminate charge posting for all scheduled services! No more super-bills or encounter forms!
  • Record services in clinical terms – the system translates to the correct codes for billing. No more coding errors!
  • Therapy minutes and treatments flow automatically to MDS. No need to maintain manual totals and counts – all is available to view on-screen.
  • Ensure that a resident doesn't fall short of the required therapy minutes by using the therapy minutes viewer for the assessment period. Plan to catch up the therapy minutes before the assessment period ends.
  • Automatically creates charges for recurring services. Save time by entering only the exceptions.
  • Automatically schedule a standard set of orders upon admission, readmission or other events.



  • Attach notes to any treatment session or cancellation.
  • Translates minutes into units where appropriate.
  • Automatic order creation from census transactions, care plan and assessments.
  • Accommodates standing and PRN orders.
  • Warns of orders about to expire to facilitate timely renewals.
  • Includes security and quality checks.
  • See schedules for patients, disciplines and practitioners at-a-glance.


Reports and Queries

  • Orders Reports – Pending, Validated, About to Expire, Renewals
  • Scheduling Reports – by patient, nursing station, discipline or practitioner; transportation schedules
  • Physician Order Form for signatures
  • TARs and Flow Sheets for clinical staff
  • Daily Control Reports of service not provided, orders not validated, renewals not processed
  • Notes Logs