COMET Point-of-Care Application

The COMET Point-of-Care Application. It's fast. It's easy. And dare we say it's even fun?

Point-of-Care's ADL Screen

Well, compared to the old-fashioned way of entering data, it certainly is far more enjoyable. In fact, this method is enthusiastically embraced by virtually every nurse and nurse aid who tries it.


And no wonder: It's designed to be totally user-friendly, with convenient, immediately understandable graphic icons that serve as virtual buttons. It even has the resident's photo as an icon, which makes it easy to open the right patient's file. And instead of spending hours experimenting with trial and error, the COMET Point-of-Care application for flowcharts can be mastered in, literally, minutes.


Now let's touch upon the benefits the COMET Point-of-Care application offers to management. To begin with, your facility realizes savings in both the cost and the time required for data entry and related training. The chances of data entry error are greatly reduced, while workflow is significantly streamlined. You'll also like the fast return on your investment in hardware.


What's more you'll be pleased with how readily your staff will accept – even appreciate – using it. And, importantly, that also includes even inexperienced computer users. In fact, if they can use an ATM machine, they can easily master the COMET Point-of-Care application.



  • Savings in cost and time needed for data entry and related training.
  • Streamlining of daily workflow.
  • Data entry errors are minimized.
  • Increased user acceptance.
  • Ease-of-use allows even inexperienced computer users to take advantage of the system.
  • Quick return on investment for the hardware.