COMET Resource Scheduling Application

Your Resource Scheduling solution has arrived, right on schedule.

Few things are more frustrating at your facility than trying to schedule your clinical staff, your physical resources and your residents. But with the COMET Resource Scheduling module, those days are scheduled to be over. That's because it can simultaneously schedule the resident, the practitioner and the space and equipment required for treatment. And it automatically performs schedule optimization, notifying users of conflicts that can't be resolved.


But it does even more: Because it takes into consideration both the financial coverage and the preferences of the resident, it knows exactly what needs to be done. For example, if the patient is covered by Medicare, therapy services will automatically take priority over other activities, ensuring that the required amount of therapy is scheduled. For another example, the resident's favorite activity may take priority.


So the time has come for you to have a Resource Scheduling application – the one that is within COMET.



  • Optimizes use of clinical staff time and physical resources.
  • Saves clerical time and frustration – no more trying to juggle schedules for practitioners and residents.
  • Nursing stations receive schedules for their residents; transportation receives organized schedules of when to transport residents from one location to another.
  • Ensures that the most important events are scheduled first.
  • Accommodates emergency services and re-prioritizes the schedule accordingly.



  • Global presets and defaults that may be overridden at the resident level.
  • Automatically retrieves order information.
  • Includes recall scheduling with notices and reminders.
  • Allows blocking of time periods for recurring events such as daily lunch breaks, departmental staff meetings, etc.
  • Accommodates "as ordered" scheduling for services that must be performed at physician-specified dates/times.


Reports and Queries

  • Schedules by Resident, Nursing Station, Discipline, Practitioner, Service Area (room) and Equipment
  • Schedules for transportation
  • Component Reports – Schedule Review, Unavailability and Re-scheduling
  • Exception Reports – Unresolved Conflicts, Schedule Changes
  • Audit Reports – Component Usage, Change Audits