COMET Results Reporting Application

The results are in: The COMET Results Reporting Application eliminates problematic phone, fax and paper processes while it streamlines the results distribution.

Because the COMET Results Reporting Application lets your facility electronically accept lab and diagnostic results, there's no paper or faxes or mail to manually process. Which means transcribing errors, lost papers and all other all-too-human processing problems are virtually eliminated. Forever.


No matter what lab results (such as blood, urine and stool) and diagnostic results (such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, EKG, MRI and ECHO) you're dealing with, the COMET Results Reporting Application lets you receive and distribute them electronically. Which also means flawlessly, and rapidly. So no more relying on faxes or the mail – and no more misplaced or never-delivered notifications. In fact, the COMET Results Reporting Application generates automated notifications and alerts, so you're assured the right information is getting to the right people, right away.


And besides solving problems right now, the COMET Results Reporting Application also helps to solve a future problem, because it will bring you that much closer to EMR compliance. This is the LTPAC solution to your problems.



  • Electronically accepts and processes lab results
  • Eliminates fax, mail, and phone processing problems
  • Streamlines the results distribution process
  • Moves your facility closer to EMR compliance
  • Assures system compliance
  • Accessible to all care providers
  • Automated notifications
  • Automated alerts for abnormal results
  • Billing proof assured with an electronic audit trail



  • Electronic acceptance to/from diagnostic lab
  • Lab order lifecycle tracking
  • Lab results and lab results comparison
  • User-defined lab results notification workflow
  • User-defined alerts distribution
  • Facility electronically assures quality care