Financial & Administrative Services Suite

The COMET Financial & Administrative Services Suite can improve your facility’s accountability, productivity and profitability so much, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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Everything about the COMET Financial & Administrative Services Suite is designed to give you the most advanced, comprehensive yet easy-to-use internal and external reporting capabilities available.  Here, every aspect of your

long term care financial software, long term care accounting software and long term care administrative software

needs are met at every level – user, department and facility.  And it consolidates all the information into a single, enterprise-wide setting.

Because you’ll have this immediate access to complete and accurate financial and managerial reports on a global basis, your ability to make the right decision at the right time is greatly enhanced.  Plus, your business processes can be streamlined, thanks to the system’s flexibility and customization which liberates your staff from mind-numbing record searches.

The more you learn about the COMET Financial & Administrative Services Suite (part of our comprehensive and fully-integrated LTPAC software system), the more you’ll appreciate how its applications work together to make your accounting and administrative requirements far less labor intensive.  And the more you’ll ask yourself: “Why didn’t we get this sooner?”  This is the solution to your accounting and administrative problems.