COMET Budget Application

If you want the most flexible tool for planning and monitoring, then we suggest you plan on using the COMET Budget application.

Imagine if your planning process had the benefit of being able to forecast, project and evaluate multiple scenarios. That's exactly what the COMET Budget application gives you.


In fact, perhaps we should call it the COMET Flexible Budget application, since virtually every aspect of it is built on flexibility. There's the flexible input of annual budget with automatic allocation by month, days in a month, inflation, or increase over the previous year. Plus you'll have the flexibility to adjust budgets for seasonality or inflation.


And the flexibility you have by gaining access to our online tools lets you identify trends and develop budget forecasts. What's more, you even have flexibility in how you begin the budgetary process – by either zero-based accounting or by the prior year initialization.


So when it comes to a flexible Budget application, COMET really bends over for you.


This is only one of the vast array of COMET's LTPAC software solutions.



  • Evaluate multiple scenarios during the planning cycle.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to adjust budgets for seasonality and/or inflation.
  • Spot problems before they get out of hand with online, real-time monitoring tools.
  • Use the online tools to spot trends and develop forecasts.



  • Flexible input of annual budget with automatic allocation of budget by month, number of days in a month, inflation factor and percentage increase over previous year.
  • Current/prior year comparisons.
  • Flexibility to begin the budgeting process using the zero-based method or by prior year initialization.
  • Ability to manipulate budgets by seasonality or for inflation.
  • Built-in approval process and integrity checks.
  • Forecasting with multiple factors.


Reports and Queries

  • Budget Variance Reporting
  • Current/Prior Year Comparison
  • Budget Allocation
  • Budget Definition Reporting
  • Budget Change Audit
  • Budget Forecasts