COMET General Ledger Application

The COMET General Ledger Application allows you to gain total control, add flexibility and enjoy peace of mind over your financial record keeping.

Since your general ledger is both the official current picture of your facility's financial situation as well as the historical record of its financial activities, you need the best, most flexible and accountable one you can have. And with the COMET General Ledger Application, that's precisely what you'll get – and much more.


Because it gives you user-definable parameters and chart of accounts, you'll have maximum flexibility. Plus, full accountability is achieved through detailed audit trails.


You'll also be able to create customized financial statements, as well as view the financial situation at each and every level, or, if you wish, as a consolidated whole. And it is designed to have full integration with you subsidiary ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, payroll, patient trust, fixed assets, inventory and fund raising.


In fact, there's only one aspect of the COMET General Ledger Application where we designed in no flexibility at all: it is created to be the best General Ledger you could have.


This is only one of the vast array of COMET's LTPAC software solutions.



  • System ensures maximum flexibility through the use of user-definable parameters and chart of accounts.
  • System ensures accountability through detailed audit trails.
  • Create customized financial statements for the organization.
  • View the financial situation at any level – for each entity or as a consolidated whole.
  • Save time with automated inter-company transfers, recurring journal entries and reversals.



  • Multi-company and multi-institution capabilities.
  • Provides the ability to have multiple fiscal years open simultaneously.
  • Multi-level account and company consolidations.
  • Define the Chart of Accounts through combinations of user-definable account types, account groups, cost centers and account numbers.
  • Functional/Responsibility accounting.
  • Automatically recurring journal entries and reversals
  • Full year-end closing procedure with ability to automatically re-build Chart of Accounts into next fiscal year – with or without opening balances.
  • Consolidated financial statements for multi-facility, multi-company enterprises. May be run for any combination of facilities/companies.
  • Project accounting
  • See account activity on-screen with drill-downs to details.
  • Automatic bank reconciliation for each bank account. Includes proof of cash to the general ledger balance.


Reports and Queries

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Operating Analysis
  • Trial Balance
  • Income/Expense Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Multi-Institutional Comparison reporting