COMET Human Resources Application

The COMET Human Resources application makes every aspect of your personnel administration run as efficiently, accurately and trouble-free as humanly possible.


Your most troublesome personnel administration problems can now be terminated, thanks to the sophisticated, feature-rich and very hard-working COMET Human Resources application.


Every facet of personnel administration – from recruitment (where the application matches the position to each applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities) to hiring, through to evaluation, licensures, continuing education, termination and follow-up – are all tracked and recorded. And the Human Resources application, of course, is fully integrated with payroll.


All of which means that the COMET Human Resources application can be your facility's single best resource in creating and maintaining the most efficient and best-run human resources department you could have.


This is only one of the vast array of COMET's LTPAC software solutions.



  • Streamlines the hiring process through applicant tracking features that match an applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities with those required for an open position.
  • Ensures that all licensures are current and complete.
  • In-service and continuing education record keeping and reminders ensure compliance.
  • Eliminates duplicate entry of employee information – completely integrated with payroll!
  • Manage the performance review cycle with automatic reminders for due dates and late reviews.



  • Complete applicant tracking functionality matching applicant skill sets to open positions.
  • Records employment history and job experience.
  • Records compliance with in-service and continuing education requirements.
  • Automatic reminders for performance review due dates and late reviews.
  • Tracks licensures, certifications and renewal requirements.
  • Tracks medical exam and immunizations with reminders for due dates.
  • Emergency contact records for each employee.
  • Maintains salary history and tracks rate changes and review dates.
  • Fully integrated with payroll.


Reports and Queries

  • Employee Master File and Change Audits
  • Review Dates – Medical Exam, Salary, License Renewal, Continuing Education, etc.
  • AA/EEOC Reporting
  • Skills, Hobbies and Language Inventories
  • Birthday and Anniversary Lists