COMET Payroll Application

Presenting the Payroll application that not only integrates with your Human Resources application, but also interfaces with your time clock system.


What's more, the COMET Payroll application also pays attention to your need for cost-efficiency by saving your staff from hours of keying. Plus, no matter how an employee is paid – by the hour or the week, or by check or direct deposit – the Payroll application can automatically handle it.


And it takes just seconds to process increases (such as cost-of-living) and apply them any way you need – by department, by job, or by union management. Imagine the savings in time and the increase in accuracy that feature alone gives you.


Another great point to talk about is how confidential it is. The COMET Payroll application is not only versatile, it's also secure, with complete audit trails and added confidentiality and security features that keep you and your staff safe from intrusion.



  • Save hours of keying and improve accuracy with the time clock interface.
  • Process cost-of-living and other increases (amount or percentage) in just seconds by applying them across the board, by department, job title or union membership.
  • Tax rate changes do not require programmer intervention.
  • Automatic general ledger accrual and reversals for bi-weekly payrolls.
  • Includes benefit eligibility and accrual – flexible definitions specific to your facility.



  • Handles weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay cycles.
  • Unlimited user-defined deduction codes with ceilings and/or stop dates for temporary deductions
  • Direct deposit processing.
  • Labor analysis for regular and out-of-position hours.
  • Automatic allocation of out-of-position employee hours by percent or actual time spent.
  • Automatic benefit hour accrual by calendar year or employee anniversary date.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Manual and void check processing.
  • Accommodates individual adjustments and mini-payroll processing for select employees.
  • Electronic W-2, 941 and state filings
  • User defined parameters for overtime, premium pay, shift differential and institutional policy definitions.


Reports and Queries

  • Time cards and employee labels
  • Payroll and Check Registers
  • Detailed Audits – Time Card, Payroll, Deductions, Welfare Contribution
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End Reporting
  • Labor Analysis and FTE Budgeting
  • Federal, state and local government wage and tax reporting
  • General Ledger Distribution