Staff Scheduling Application

With the Staff Scheduling Application, you're liberated from micromanaging labor issues, while your staff is freed from the laborious task of scheduling.


This application really works for you – managing virtually every labor-related scheduling issue, and does it deftly, easily, accurately, totally. With the Staff Scheduling Application, load balancing, level of required coverage, staff requests, scheduling optimization – in fact, every aspect of staff scheduling – can be achieved with far less effort and far more accuracy than ever.


So with the Staff Scheduling Application, the tedium, inevitable mistakes and resulting staff complaints and dissatisfaction are vastly reduced, while efficiency and accountability are greatly increased.


The Staff Scheduling Application offered within LINTECH's COMET system is provided by a third-party vendor.



  • Promotes "what if" analysis – review various schedule scenarios from resident care, cost and efficiency perspectives.
  • Flexible scheduling periods for institutions and locations – periods may be different from one period or location to another.
  • Handles "holes" in the schedule by suggesting possible solutions based on the position that needs to be filled and availability of other employees.
  • Supports the creation of rotation patterns and associating employees with those patterns.
  • User-defined facility policy handles employee requests and changes, ensures consistency and reduces staff complaints.



  • Direct two-way interface with major time clock systems.
  • Schedule employees to work in more than one location (shared schedule).
  • User-defined work blocks of any length within 24-hour period.
  • Track scheduling history and compare to actual hours worked.
  • Record employee requests for future schedules.
  • Accommodates employee requests for change in schedule based on user-defined facility policy.
  • Provides for holiday requests on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into account seniority, policy and needs.
  • Medical Leave and Leave of Absence tracking.
  • Flex-Time scheduling.


Reports and Queries

  • Approved Schedules by Location and Employee
  • Pre-Approved Schedules by Location and Employee
  • Employee Fixed Schedules
  • Catalogues of Employees, Positions, Locations, Departments and Facilities
  • Standard and Special Requirements
  • Request, Absentee and Leave Logs