Resident Information & Census (ADT) Suite

The COMET Resident Information & Census (ADT) Suite allows you to collect and track the critical information about your most precious assets – your residents.

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Pre-Admission Resident Information Census Image Map


This very practical and useful module enables you to gather advance information on a resident even before the actual resident shows up at your door to be formally admitted. You can even pre-assign a bed or a room and start preparing for that resident’s arrival using our LTPAC software solutions.



We know that your goal is to treat each resident not as a number but rather as individual with specific needs, concerns and preferences. And that’s precisely how our Resident Information module lets you treat each individual. With our nursing home

long term care management software,

you’ll be able to gather and hold all the demographic, biographic, social, financial, clinical information on each and every individual resident.


So you’ll know – in an instant – who prefers music therapy to playing cards, who just loves reading, who dislikes cold cereal, who likes to dance, and who prefers watching TV. In short, you’ll have the facts you need to make each individual feel that you really know that person – which, of course, you will. In addition, you’ll have information on the resident’s relatives, financial coverage and any other pieces of data which are important while that resident is within your facility.



The Census module is a real workhorse – one which saves your staff a lot of work. And it also can save you from making unnecessary expenses. Being a genuine

long term care resident tracking software application,

it gives you real-time census information (such as which resident is in which bed) and hence makes many duties much easier to perform. In addition, it creates and transfers all room and board charges to the billing system.


For example, you’ll be able to plan for admission, keep track of residents’ locations (whether they are in or out of the facility), and comply with all reporting requirements. And you’ll also keep from preparing wasted dietary trays for a person not in the facility.