Resident/Patient Accounts Suite

The COMET Resident/Patient Accounts Suite is a powerful tool that greatly improves your facility’s cash flow while increasing your staff’s productivity.

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Designed to be your most efficient, effective and powerful way to manage charge capture,

nursing home billing,

collections and resident trust funds, the COMET Resident/Patient Accounts Suite is your automated solution (part of our comprehensive and fully-integrated LTPAC software system) to some of your most vexing problems. Like managing cash flow and improving staff productivity.

Here’s the LTC billing suite for your resident or patient management needs that can make your cash flow truly flow to your advantage. Smiling already? And your staff will be very happy, as well, because the COMET Resident/Patient Accounts Suite is extraordinarily easy and intuitive to work with. So staff members are freed up to spend more time doing their job, instead of struggling with difficult, confusing and time-consuming data entries.

So spend just a few minutes here to learn how this

long term care billing software, 

COMET Resident/Patient Accounts Suite, can help you maximize reimbursements, positively manage your cash flow, and improve staffing productivity and satisfaction. All at the same time, all with one very powerful tool.