COMET Accounts Receivable Application

Make no mistake about it: thanks to electronic remittance posting, the COMET Accounts Receivable Application is an extremely effective way to reduce keying errors.

The COMET Accounts Receivable module is as accurate as it is hard working, handling the receipt and application of every single payment received by your facility. And it also includes a collections sub-system. This module keeps a complete, easy to follow trail of every user who's made an entry or has just merely looked at a transaction.


Besides reducing errors and saving time, it's also versatile, as payments can be posted from electronic remittances in batch entries, by exception or on an individual basis. And because every detail is kept and instantly available online, there's absolutely no need to purge.


And the system minds everyone's business, controlling which users have access to which functions.



  • Save time and reduce keying errors through electronic remittance posting.
  • Manage receivables at the payer and/or resident level.
  • Detail is retained and is always available online – no need to purge!
  • Manage collections and bad debts more effectively through the system's collection features.



  • Accommodates batch, exception and single item posting.
  • Accommodates open item and balance forward.
  • Automatic write-off of small balance accounts based on user-definable parameters.
  • During cash posting, the user has the option of posting to individual open items, to a specific claim or to the oldest open balance.
  • Global and "by exception" posting of expected Social Security and Pension amounts.
  • Accommodates miscellaneous cash receipts.
  • User-definable statement messages.


Reports and Queries

  • Resident Ledgers
  • Aging Reports based on user-definable sorts and aging categories
  • Control Reports by Date Range, Resident and Payer
  • Audit Registers for Payments, Adjustments, Charges, Cash Receipts, Miscellaneous Cash and Total Receivables
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Social Security/Pension Audit and Exception Reports
  • Medicaid Pending Claims Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Reports