COMET Ancillary Charge Capture Application

The key to the Ancillary Charge Capture Application popularity is how it saves time and ends errors by completely eliminating keying.

Because the COMET Ancillary Charge Capture application has dual functions – first as the Order Management application's automatic arm of charge creation and secondly as a data entry system for charges to be keyed by the facility – there's no keying. This not only saves your staff time but it also greatly reduces the chance of errors. And that's an especially important advantage when it comes to automatically recurring charges.


When a service provision is recorded in the Order Management application, charges are automatically created in the Ancillary system – and those charges can then be processed normally through to billing. What's more, the COMET Ancillary Charge Capture application gives you the ability and flexibility to post charges in either batch or individual mode for occasional and unscheduled services.



  • Saves time by accepting information from Order Management for automatic creation of charges – no keying!!
  • Save time and reduce errors with automatically recurring charges.
  • All charges are effective date driven – the system uses the correct charge for the date of service.
  • Allows for price changes globally, at the department level or individually. Effective date allows entry of future rate increases at any time.
  • Provides the ability to play "what if" with possible rate increases to see the overall effect before final approval.



  • All charges are maintained in an easy-to-use charge library.
  • Allows batch or individual charge entry.
  • Track revenue and cost for each item in the charge library.
  • Allows posting of non-billable ancillary charges for statistical tracking.
  • Additional security on charge entry and verification of batches.
  • Complete audit trails.


Reports and Queries

  • Service and Charge Catalogues
  • Charge Capture Audit Reports for charges entered and created automatically
  • Edit/Update Reports for all charges
  • Verification and Exception Reports
  • Ancillary Rate History Reports
  • Ancillary Charge Statistical Analysis
  • Resident Ledgers