COMET Billing Application

COMET presents a Billing Application so advanced, it's removed the biggest obstacle to accuracy: human intervention.

This seemingly impossible task is really quite easy to achieve, because the COMET billing process runs automatically, with no need for human (that's you and your staff) intervention, thus eliminating the possibility of human error.


Your staff has the option to submit claims electronically – which most of our client partners prefer – or on paper. To make sure those claims don't meet with any problems, we've built the system to meet all federal and state requirements for claims preparation and submission. And it even lets you re-bill completely and accurately through the General Ledger.


So do the smartest thing humanly possible: get the billing application that doesn't require human intervention, the COMET billing application.



  • Receivables are more accurate as a result of full prorated billing through a user-definable insurance master.
  • Automatically calculates and takes contractual adjustments.
  • Provides greater control over cash flow by allowing user-defined billing cycles.
  • Saves time with automatic creation of room and board charges from the census system.
  • Automatically creates accurate coinsurance claims.
  • Produces full disclosure preliminary billing audits for critical analysis.



  • Produces UB92 and HCFA1500 claims in accordance with federal and state requirements.
  • Provides for billing multiple payers simultaneously.
  • Detailed information available online for any claim.
  • Produces billing based on the financial coverage in effect on the dates of service without user intervention.
  • Full audit trails for every transaction.
  • Includes full-featured automatic re-billing through to the General Ledger.
  • Bills private-pay residents in advance at the facility's option.
  • Choose from several standard private bill forms or submit specifications for customization.
  • Ability to produce on-demand and non-covered days billing.


Reports and Queries

  • Resident Ledgers
  • Missing Billing Information
  • Social Security/Direct Deposit Audits
  • Hard copy billing on standard or customized forms
  • Full disclosure billing audit and error reports
  • Billing to Accounts Receivable Audits
  • General Ledger Distribution Reports