It takes advanced COMET technology to raise your staff's quality of care and productivity while lowering your facility's operating costs and errors.


What truly separates COMET from other LTPAC software solutions is how our technology benefits virtually every aspect of your facility.  Thanks to its multidimensional data structure, COMET applications share, analyze and continually update data, making it possible for you and your staff to handle data far more easily and productively than ever.



CAPTURE data, any way you want to. COMET Technology enables each application to CAPTURE and use information easily and flawlessly.


In fact, there are six different ways information can be captured: in web form, allowing you to enter data using a browser such as Internet Explorer; using Windows; text form, which is particularly useful in financial entries; touch-screen or tablets, so even if you're not near a keyboard your staff can still enter data; smartphones (that's right, smartphone entries are possible with our technology); and, finally, scanned images and even voice dictation can be captured.


Like we said, if you've got data, we have the way to capture it, easily, quickly and accurately.



COMET Technology lets you ENHANCE your business processes, your business prospects and your business visibility for increased success.


One way in which our technology enables you to adapt COMET to your specific and ever-changing business needs is through our robust and elaborate user-defined business rules capabilities.

With COMET technology, you can define and respond to your facility’s precise business needs. No off-the-shelf, rigid solution is foisted upon you. Instead, you can add your own fields and even create your own screen from scratch.  How's that for flexibility?

You'll also be able to create completely new reports through a user-friendly and flexible report generator, which allows you to modify reports as you need and to create new reports as you wish.  Also, the system's workflow event manager lets you ask the system to react to what you enter in.  So, you're always in control – which is a good place to be.



Not only can you capture and enhance any needed information, but our COMET Technology lets you STORE it how you want.


COMET technology manages the storage of your data in any way – and in all the ways – that work best for you. The data gets stored in the database, as a file system, or in a specific data mart or data warehouse.

And, all the while, you'll have the detailed audit trail that's maintained by the system for you.



And, finally, does our technology ever DELIVER!


Because we are fully and totally committed to delivering information, we've kept the system open.  Which means the information can be delivered any way you want. Through the internet, through the intranet, through the extranet.  And also in most of the common formats – PDF, MS Office and XML formats.