Rosemary Provo  Deputy Director, Monroe Community Hospital, Rochester, NY:

"The Administrative staff, IT staff and Financial/Clinical staff at Monroe Community Hospital (MCH) completed a thorough search of software vendors when seeking out a new Clinical and Financial Information System.  We met with many vendors, tested many systems and sought out client references before the final selection of the LINTECH system.


MCH is a unique facility, requiring an integrated software system that can serve both our LTC facility and our ACUTE facility.   MCH is the largest LTC facility in the Rochester community with 566 residents.


The LINTECH system stood out amongst many other vendors because of their ability to meet our needs for both the LTC and the Acute service; their ability to meet the needs of a very large facility; and their ability to provide a system with significant depth that could meet our needs; and the ability to meet all of our electronic medical record goals.


MCH implemented the LINTECH system in October 2008.  The system and the support staff have met and exceeded our expectations.


The initial implementation process was facilitated by the LINTECH team, who successfully converted data from multiple systems, provided training, facilitated many custom system settings and reports which were critical to the efficient operation of MCH.  The LINTECH system has allowed MCH to proceed with the goal of one integrated system and to move forward with the full implementation of an electronic medical record.


I believe that LINTECH is an exceptional software package that will continue to meet the needs of MCH and will take us into the future."


Alan Peterson – Co-Owner, Amicus Health Care Services, Inc., Canton, TX:

"We looked closely at five different software companies before selecting LINTECH.  The choice was pretty easy for us.  We had a vision of what we would have in our "dream" software package and had decided that we would go with whoever could get close to our needs.  Among the things on our list were complete automation/integration, enhanced capture of Part B opportunities we had been missing and the ability to customize reports both clinically and financially to monitor our group of small rural facilities.


LINTECH was the only vendor that met all these criteria – and more.  We have significantly increased our billing revenues (including Part B) without any change in acuity and now have the ability to expand without added corporate overhead increasing.  We believe that LINTECH is the one software package that more than pays for itself. We were guided by the LINTECH team through the initial implementation process in a way that made our conversion process painless.  This was very important to us because we do not have a large corporate staff.  The good news is… now because of LINTECH's integrated software, we will never need one."