Your EMR/Clinical Partner


LTPAC providers are realizing the benefits of implementing EMRs. These providers now play a key role in achieving improved communications and transitions of care, helping organizations facing readmission penalties.
COMET™ gathers data and stores information for services performed from every aspect of charting and documenting patient care. This allows providers to quickly analyze and draw conclusions resulting in better-informed decisions and, in many cases, transforms data into actionable items, activating necessary processes.
LINTECH’s COMET™ delivers a comprehensive solution for management of electronic medical records:
  • Provides accurate, consistent and secure information, from referral to discharge and follow-up
  • Seamless, real-time data sharing across all disciplines
  • Empowers clinicians to optimize patient care and workflow
  • Fully integrates with the billing, financial and administrative applications
Utilizing EMR software that accounts for important patient information allows LTPAC providers to increase continuity of care, establish referral partnerships and reduce costs.
Our LTPAC software solutions are ready to work for you, so contact us today at (877) 4-LINTEC or schedule a demoto learn more.