Groundbreaking Study: Challenges in the LTPAC Market

A Groundbreaking New Study From McKnight’s

According to a new study featured in McKnight’s, managed care organizations are focusing on nursing homes costs rather than quality when choosing partners. The report specifically focused on MCOs in California that serve beneficiaries of both Medicaid and Medicare. According to the study’s author Dr. Charlene Harrington, “It’s clear that Medicaid beneficiaries are being sent to poorer quality nursing homes.” This only serves as further evidence of the importance of cost in the LTPAC market today. While Dr. Harrington may have been surprised, the industry has been quite competitive for a while. Dollars count, as the MCOs make clear.

The Solution

Among the best ways for an LTPAC organization to cut costs is through a data-driven software system that matches the firm’s operational workflow. Partnering with the wrong company can be a tremendous drain on resources; many healthcare operating systems have been around for dozens of years and don’t match well easily with their LTPAC clients.These standard solutions cost both time and money in order to incorporate them into the normal workflow of the organization, and even that does not guarantee that problems won’t keep cropping up. A solution to this quandary is picking a software system and provider that adjust to the LTPAC organization, rather than the other way around. This requires a knowledge of how the product will operate both during the initial set-up and throughout the years of its use. As the McKnight’s article demonstrates and as many already know, Long-Term Care providers can’t afford inefficiencies that leave them behind in a competitive marketplace.


Working with LINTECH is a key step for LTPAC companies looking to meet these goals. Our systems adapt to your needs, containing the costs- both time and monetary- needed to maintain them. Once clients are live, we’ll keep working with you and adjusting to make your process better.