The Problem

According to a new report from iAdvance Senior Care, the rise of data is one of the most important trends in Skilled Nursing at this moment. While the trend towards the electronization of medical records has been going on for many years at this point, the article discusses the vast potential inherent in “savvy analysis of multiple information sources” and its role in the future. Often, the systems that record data for clinical and financial purposes

do not, or cannot, “speak” to one another. The data may be formatted poorly or the platforms may just be unable to operate in a way that allow insights to be gleaned. As is noted in another piece in Skilled Nursing News, “Current operators face a siloed landscape of data that either tracks financial metrics or clinical outcomes, with very little interplay between the two.” This is a shame, because the potential of electronic medical records is not just to computerize all data but to allow for nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities to learn from it in a way that benefits both patients and the bottom line.

The Potential

Software systems can simplify medical records and make both nurses and administrators’ lives easier. To cite just one example, a study by the National Institutes of Health demonstrates that Electronic Health Records show “significant improvement in the management of documentation in LTC facilities and enhanced quality outcomes.” Software systems can be confusing or hard to work with, but to achieve competitiveness in the long term care market, the productivity gains that computerization provides are a must.

The Lintech Solution

Lintech’s COMET software solutions provide integrated clinical and financial information systems to the LTPAC market. The valuable and actionable data at point-of-care that COMET provides maximized productivity and enhances the overall quality of care, all while making nurses’ jobs easier. From an administrative perspective, immediate access to financial and managerial reports boosts your decision-making ability. The flexibility and modularity of COMET can make any long-term care facility more productive. If you are a large chain that just acquired new facilities, COMET’s interoperability with parent organizations will allow your business to expand, and quickly. In this market, competitiveness is a must, and the productivity gains that COMET’s data-driven technology offers are a no-brainer.