On Data Security

A New Breach

Data-security is often seen by the general public as something that should be left to the experts. When Facebook recommends a strong password, people listen. And when Google tells you that in order to keep your account safe you should really, really enact two step authentication- well, of course you should. Now a new scandal has emerged. In an article in Information Management Today titled “Here’s Why Account Authentication Shouldn’t Use SMS,” we learn that an unprotected database with 26 million text messages was left open for plunder. The database contained many two-step verification codes and password reset links, some of which were being generated in real time. In other words, a hacker’s paradise. While the database was quickly shut down when security researches made the problem public, it is impossible to know what was taken.

In the world of electronic medical records, the security of users’ data is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, that’s not at all to say that health care records are as secure as they should be. For example, an employee error at Blue Cross earlier this year exposed the data of 16,000 patients to the public…for months. A data breach in an ACA portal affected over 75,000. And the list goes on. Regulations and fines can help, but by the time they are enacted and then implemented, millions of patients data has already been stolen. It’s a difficult problem to address, primarily because hackers tend to be one (or two) steps ahead of the government. But given the amount of well-being at stake, it’s an important battle to fight.

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