Precision Medicine Treatments at LTPAC Facilities

Precision Medicine is at the vanguard of medical care. With a market size of over $40 billion in 2016 and an estimated market of $141 billion in 2026, this approach has already arrived and promises to grow even more in the near future. Simply put, Precision Medicine enables the investigation of various diseases by evaluating the genetic makeup of an individual subject, thus providing a tailored therapeutic treatment to each patient. Such a personalized and “precise” approach allows for better outcomes for each patient. With the tremendous scientific advances of the last few decades such as the mapping of the human genome, Precision Medicine has become a reality few would have imagined only 50 years ago.

With increased competitiveness in the LTPAC market, every organization should be looking for a way to stand out. Precision Medicine is such an option. By providing better and unique care, Precision Medicine can lead to better outcomes. Patients receive an approach that is tailored to them while LTPAC staff, aided by computing power, are able to accomplish more in less time.

A large component of Precision Medicine’s advantage lies in its utilization of data. With only 3% of LTPAC organizations engaging in data-driven approaches, differentiating yourself from the competition requires a software system that is able to collect and manage large amounts of data as discrete elements. This data is then analyzed in order to yield better outcomes through such approaches as Precision Medicine. A software solution that is designed to use input fields, rather than simple text fields, is an essential requirement when choosing a new LTPAC management software as it can lead to better and more efficient interpretations of data. It is also imperative that this system be intuitive and friendly regardless of how data is categorized, processed and managed “under the hood.”

There is tremendous potential to provide better services more efficiently using Precision Medicine; make sure your LTPAC software solutions are up to the task. Please contact us at LINTECH for more details on data-driven management systems and the horizons they can open for your LTPAC operation.