Demonstrating Benefits of Information Technology: Changes in LTPAC Reimbursements Under the Affordable Care Act (Part 4 of 4)



In today’s world, almost everything is automated and computerized. While technology certainly makes lives easier for LTPAC employees, it also provides a great number of benefits for LTPAC facilities and providers to remain in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ensure that reimbursements can be made in a timely and proper manner.


Regardless of what changes are made to the ACA, the goal of utilizing information technology to improve resident care is not expected to greatly change.


Demonstrating Benefits of Information Technology.  Among other things, the ACA dictates that as a requirement to receive higher reimbursement rates, LTPAC facilities must demonstrate the use of information technology to improve resident care. There are several purposes to this initiative:


Improved coordination of care: Technology should provide faster and more accurate communication between everyone involved in the patient’s care, and in turn, improve the quality of care and reduce unnecessary emergency room use and hospital readmissions from LTPAC facilities.


Improved record-keeping compliance: Quality technology provides a system to upload, download, store, and transmit records, files, and financial documentation required to remain in compliance with the ACA’s standards.


Better documentation: Gone are the days where individual records in isolated systems could suffice for a quality documentation system. Rather, a well designed information system standardizes documents, and – according to HIMSS – can facilitate and provide an easier and faster information flow that is needed for efficient documentation processing.


Increased security: A healthcare IT system must strictly adhere to the highest standards of security so that patient personal and financial information as well as personal health records remain in compliance with HIPAA standards.


It seems like every LTPAC facility should have access to the technology necessary to remain in compliance with ACA standards.  However, a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that while some nursing homes have the necessary information technology infrastructure, overall the nation’s 15,800 nursing homes have lagged behind other healthcare settings in the use of information technology to improve clinical care and personalize care delivery.


At LINTECH, our state-of-the art LTPAC fully-integrated software solutions and related services for LTPAC facilities provide your facility with the tools that you need to be in compliance with the ever-changing state and federal regulations, including those related to the ACA.  For more information as to how we can assist your LTPAC facility, please contact us.