The Opioid Crisis Among Seniors

The Opioid Crisis Among Seniors

While it is rare that a week will go by without news about the Opioid Crisis in the US, it is less known that some of the most underreported victims are seniors. According to a US Senate report a full one third of people with a Medicare prescription drug plan were prescribed opioids. More than 500,000 Medicare Part D recipients received high amounts of opioids in 2016 and almost a fifth of that group is at serious risk of opioid abuse or misuse. The problem affects older Americans significantly and, as such, it would be foolish to think that none of the prescription and overprescription occurs in LTPAC organizations.

Software as a Solution

The opioid crisis among seniors has many causes, but part of the solution lies in a software system that supports clinicians as they fight the epidemic. Better monitoring of symptoms and more detailed information captured on the patient’s condition and problems can aid doctors as they decide whether and how much to prescribe to seniors. Improved tracking of pain and more detailed assessments leads to stronger analyses of when and where opioid prescription can be avoided. The better we track, the better we can help clinicians make the right decision and better monitor if the opiods are the best solution with the best outcome.


Every LTPAC organization needs to make sure that its software solutions are up to the task. Please contact us at LINTECH for more details on data-driven management systems and the horizons they can open for your LTPAC operation.