The Advantages of a Data-Driven Approach for LTPAC

The Present:

By some estimates, LTPAC organizations nationwide generate over 500 gigabytes of data. This is essentially a gold mine. With the right tools and data scientists, data becomes actionable and can improve organizational efficiency in terms of both time and money spent. The obvious question remains, however: How can this practically be done? The answer lies in Data-Driven software solutions.

The Potential:

The foundation of Data-Driven processes lies in the ability to use massive amounts of data to generate concrete recommendations and actions. Until the computer age, decisions were typically only made by human judgement or intuition. With the ability to process tremendous quantities of information came the ability to look at problems from a larger scale and incorporate years of information into a decision. These systems also have the valuable ability to notice patterns where the human brain simply cannot. These patterns are not always clear to a manager scrolling through an Excel file with thousands of entries: it takes a computer to understand what is going on  As “Big-Data” startups have become all the rage, every industry can take advantage of the power of data to improve its decision-making, and the LTPAC field is no different.

The Solution:

LTPAC organizations are beginning to realize that data-driven tools allow them to succeed in a competitive marketplace while better serving their residents. With the dozens of terabytes a year being generated across the industry, the time is ripe to act on all the data that has been created and stored over the previous decades. According to a recent study, only 3% of LTPAC organizations have the “capabilities of data-driven analytics to lower cost of care, reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and ensure facilities receive proper reimbursement for the care provided to the patient.” The time has come to move forward with the value and insights that data-driven operations provide.

There is tremendous potential to provide better services more efficiently using data-driven software solutions; make sure your LTPAC software solutions are up to the task. Please contact us at LINTECH for more details on data-driven management systems and the horizons they can open for your LTPAC operation.