Software solutions for LTPAC Facilities

LINTECH's COMET combines long-term care EMR, financial and administrative applications to provide one seamless management solution

who we are

Who we are

For over 30 years, LINTECH has provided integrated clinical and financial information systems to the LTPAC market. Our COMET software optimizes workflow, eliminates redundant tasks and enhances the administration of patient care. Our cost-effective solutions maximize productivity and enhance the overall quality of care by providing valuable and actionable data at point-of-care.




Your facility's clinical operations and medical records are supported and managed by our adaptable EMR Suite. COMET aids the clinician in assessing, planning, ordering, charting, and documenting patient care. You will have accurate data from the moment of the initial referral through discharge and follow-up.

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Financial & Administrative Services

Manage your administrative and accounting needs with our comprehensive and flexible Financial & Administrative Services Suite. All your human resources, vendor, material and general ledger informationis handled at the user, department and facility levels. With immediate access to financial and managerial reports at all levels, COMET can boost your decision-making ability.

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Resident Information & Census

The Resident Information & Census Suite provides your facility with an extensive foundation for all resident related tracking. With our software, you’ll be able to gather all the demographic, social, financial, and clinical information on every resident. COMET also collects, tracks, and manages resident information and census events, from pre-admission to discharge.

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Resident/Patient Accounts

Our highly customizable Resident/Patient Accounts Suite is an automated and fully integrated tool for your facility's revenue cycle management. COMET is integrated with clinical data, allowing you to eliminate redundancies and capture more revenues. Staff members are freed to spend more time doing their job, instead of struggling with confusing and time-consuming data entry.

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Business Process Analysis

The more we learn about you through our Business Process Analysis, the more COMET can help you. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of your facility’s operations, all to better understand and help you fulfill your specific needs from the first moment you use COMET.

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Instead of simply tossing out your old data, we take a different approach. With your domain expert, we jointly analyze and evaluate your existing data to determine if it merits converting. We will then work with your staff to convert your usable data.

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By partenring with your project manager, we plan, manage, and execute an implementation process based on your specific needs and situation. Because our project manager works directly with yours, the road to COMET implementation will be straightforward and smooth.

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Not only is COMET fully integrated, we also make sure that our software doesn't just talk to itself. Instead, we interface and integrate with any other software you use. Our interfaces save time and resources by reducing both duplication and errors.

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Our train-the-Trainer approach allows us to partner with your key staff. Through their critical knowledge of your facility, we will be able to better customize training to the end-users. The result? Streamlined facility-specific conversations that employees will actually understand.

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COMET was built to be adapted to your needs and requirements, using user-defined tables, menus, business rules, and master files. Whether you require a fully integrated solution or just one component, COMET is comprehensively customizable. At the end of the day, you’ll feel like COMET was made just for you.

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